PAVE, Excellence from the Boardroom to the Classroom
is a non-profit organization in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, that recruits, trains, and connects knowledgeable board members for our Partner Schools, while providing access to the funding and networks those boards need to realize their long term visions for success. www.pave.org

PAVE is:

  • Seeking visionary leaders for high-potential schools. Recruiting, training and connecting 100 professionals to serve as board members for PAVE’s Partner Schools. More about Board Corps
  • Supporting and rewarding excellent schools. PAVE focuses on advancing good governance as an essential factor in effecting positive change in Milwaukee’s independent schools. More about our Partner Schools
  • Providing access to essential resources. PAVE is committed to providing the funding, training and counsel independent school leaders need to bring their bold visions to fruition. More about Funding for School Growth and Improvement
  • Maximizing the effectiveness of resources. PAVE’s investments are leveraged by school leaders and boards who manage their resources effectively through comprehensive planning. More about the Partner School Assessment

The PAVE Blog is a platform for sharing good news about education in Milwaukee, as well as our views, opinions and analysis of education-related topics and articles from around the country. PAVE is a non-partisan organization that understands the issues in education are vast and severe, but we approach each school with the perspective that they’re a unique community with challenges that are specific to their students and families. We hope you’ll add us to your RSS feed and look to The PAVE Blog as a resource for education topics in Milwaukee and beyond. Thanks for stopping by!


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