It’s National Volunteer Week

Thank you Board Corps Members

This week we celebrate the nearly 80 Board Corps volunteers that have answered the call to serve on PAVE’s Partner School Boards, along with the hundreds of other community members supporting Milwaukee’s schools.

Your extraordinary passion strengthens our schools, community, and city.

THANK YOU for all you do!
~ The PAVE Team

Open PAVE’s 2014 Annual Report to learn more about how Board Corps is impacting education in Milwaukee.

Board Corps 2015

Jennifer Allen
Jim Alvarado
Eric Anderson
Jilaine Bauer
Brian Borchert
Theresa Boyd
Michael Brauer
Vanessa Brown
Heather Buss
Aaron Caddle
Brenda Campbell
Melanie Canon
Brooke Cardarella
Carolyn Caruso
Vantrace Caston
Malissa Cooley
Mallory Davis
Jim Donahue
Jon Donahue
Thomas Duffey
Rebecca Ehlers
Robert Fisher
Dina Garcia
Jeff Garretson
David Gavigan
Curtis Grace
Vera Graves Davis
Lisa Handler
Erica Nicole Harris
Heather Heaviland
Kate Herrick
M. Rhett Holland
Ingrid Jagers
Angela Johnson
Jessie Johnson
Heather Johnston
Jacquelyn Kacala
Joseph Koglin
Bradley Kramer
Sam Leichtling
Gloria Mattson
John McDonald
Chris McFadin
Franz Meyer
Crystal Morgan
Pamela Moss
Susan Mozinski
Jerry Murphy
Paul Neuberger
Mary Louise Neuens
Dan Nolde
Lyndsey North Zubarik
Thomas Nye
Sherman On
Sylvestra Ramirez
Peter Richardson
Zach Rieboldt
David Roettgers
Amy Ruhig
Andrew Schimek
Adam Schmidt
Susan Schoenfeld
Jason Schultz
Kevin Scott
Lynn Sheka
Dawn Simmons
David Smith
John Stollenwerk
Edward Sturkey
CJ Szafir
Peter Tomasi
Jane Trenchard Backes
Ryan Van Den Elzen
Joe Villmow
Chad Winters

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