55 Milwaukee Schools Have This In Common

By Michelle Burmeister, Communications Director

They’re 2014 – 2015 PAVE Partner Schools!

55 PAVE Partner Schools

PAVE will be working with 38 Partner School networks, consisting of 55 schools, during the 2014 – 2015 school year. We’re proud to call these schools Partners and support quality education for close to 24,000 Milwaukee students.

  • Atonement Lutheran School
  • Bruce-Guadalupe Community School
  • Business and Economics Academy of Milwaukee, Inc. (BEAM)
  • Capitol West Academy
  • Central City Cyberschool of Milwaukee
  • Dominican High School
  • Eastbrook Academy
  • Highland Community School
  • Hillel Academy
  • Hmong American Peace Academy
  • HOPE Christian Schools (Prima, Fortis, Hope Christian High School)
  • King’s Academy
  • La Causa
  • LUMIN (Concordia University School and Pilgrim Campus, Northwest, Sherman Park, St. Martini)
  • Lutheran Special School
  • Malaika Early Learning Center
  • Messmer Catholic Schools (High School, Preparatory, St. Rose, St. Leo)
  • Milwaukee Academy of Science
  • Milwaukee College Prep (36th Street, 38th Street, Lloyd Street)
  • Milwaukee Collegiate Academy
  • Milwaukee Environmental Sciences
  • Mount Lebanon Lutheran School
  • Nativity Jesuit Middle School
  • Northwest Catholic
  • Notre Dame Middle School
  • Pius XI High School
  • Risen Savior Lutheran School
  • Seeds of Health (Veritas High School, Windlake Academy, Windlake Elementary, Grandview High School, MC2 High School, Tenor High School)
  • St. Anthony School of Milwaukee
  • St. Coletta Day School of Milwaukee
  • St. Joan Antida High School
  • St. Marcus Lutheran School
  • St. Thomas More High School
  • St. Vincent Pallotti Catholic School
  • Tamarack Waldorf School
  • Urban Day School
  • Wisconsin Lutheran High School
  • Woodlands School (Bluemound Road and Woodlands East)

These schools have completed PAVE’s assessment process and we carefully and thoroughly look at the current state of the school, as well as its long-term potential. More on that process here in Dave Steele’s blog post How Good Is My School?

Each school has unique successes and challenges and our work with them over the next two years will be varied and vast. Our wheelhouse of expertise lies in a few different areas, not including curriculum development or teacher coaching – we leave those things up to the various other highly capable school support organizations in Milwaukee. PAVE has expertise in supporting the organizational / business side of things at a school. This includes:

  1. Advisory Services (provided by PAVE staff – board development, fund development, communication, search committee participation)
  2. Outside Consultant Services (connected by PAVE and 90% funded)
  3. Board Corps – recruiting, training, and connecting professionals to serve on the boards of our Partner Schools
  4. Community Connections (i.e. First Stage and/or Milwaukee Art Museum)
  5. Providing funding for school growth, improvement, and innovative programming

(Visit pave.org/ourwork for more details on each of these areas.)

Some of our schools need PAVE’s support in all of these areas and others in perhaps just one or two. We connect with schools wherever they are on their journey to becoming, sustaining, or surpassing “great.”

With which PAVE Partner School(s) are you familiar? Share in the comments and tell us what’s great about your school!


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